Package-level settings#

There are several package-level settings, giving metadata about the package, its contents, and some options controlling the build process.

Title (title)

The title of the package.

Author (author)

The name(s) of the package’s author(s).

Institution (institution)

The owning institution of the content, e.g. “University of Somewhere”.

Course code (code)

A code for the course or module that this material belongs to, e.g. “MAS0001”.

Year (year)

The year or date that the material is delivered.

Language (locale)

The ISO 639-1 code for the primary language that the material is presented in. Once Chirun has been translated to other languages, this will determine the language used for text in the interface.

Default value: en (English)

Content (content)

A list of content items forming the content of the package.

Base directory (base_dir)

The base directory of the output. It only makes sense to change this if you’re running the chirun command-line tool on your own computer.

Default value: build (relative to config.yml)

Static files directory (static_dir)

The path to your package’s static files, which will be copied into the output unchanged.

Default value: static

Root URL (root_url)

The root URL of the output.

Default value: base_dir, followed by code and theme, if they’re set.

Build PDFs? (build_pdf)

Should PDF files be created? Turn off if you are happy just to provide HTML output.

Default value: True

Number of PDF runs (num_pdf_runs)

The number of times to run pdflatex on LaTeX documents. Documents with complicated reference structures might need more than one run.

Default value: 1

Build zip of entire package? (build_zip)

Should a .zip file of the output be built? If enabled, then a zip file is built containing a copy of the whole output. The zip file’s name is by default the slug of the package’s title, inside the output directory. If you’re using the command-line tool, you can specify a filename with the --output-zip parameter.

Default value: True

Format version (format_version)

The version number of the config format used.

Default value: 2

URL to load MathJax from (mathjax_url)

The URL to load MathJax from. This should be MathJax v3.

Default value: ''

Themes (themes)

An array of themes to use. At the moment there’s only one theme; see the config schema for the structure of this property if you’re developing a new theme.

Default value: Just the default theme.